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Buy Here Pay Here

Sam’s Auto Sales and Service has a large selection of used cars on the lot for sale today! Their company is listed here as a Buy Here Pay Here dealership, located in 37509 US-71, Lake George, MN 56458, Minnesota . The business address of Sam’s Auto Sales and Service is  37509 US-71, Lake George, MN 56458 USA.

To find out more information about Sam’s Auto Sales and Service, visit our website at and check their opening hours, customer reviews, traffic directions, and more.

The term “Buy Here, Pay Here (BHPH)” refers to auto dealerships in which the financing for the vehicles purchased is done in-house. These types of dealerships are typically involved in the sale of heavily-used cars, and they tend to cater to customers with relatively poor credit scores or even first-time buyers with no credit.

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Tara 1 Reviews
Terrible on foot now

BUYER BE WARE! Sam fixes the cars just well enough for them to drive away. This summer I purchased a 09 Subaru Outback from him. 3000 miles later its undriveable parked at the Subaru dealership needing a new head gasket. Dealership informed me he didn’t use OEM parts. He lies, has a temper, and refuses to guarantee his work. He had no conscious ripping off a single mother/ widow and has since blocked me on social media. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH SAMUEL PIERCE!

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